Always looking for lost history of Los Angeles.......



About Los Angeles historian Pamela Greyson

Even though I was born in Glendale, CA. but I grew up within the various communities of Los Angeles. I have such a love of our wonderful city which has so much local but national history as well. Being a family relation to actor Lorne Greene gave me a wonderful opportunity to learn so much of Hollywood history. I want so much to share and meet others who love the true lost Los Angeles history and why it's our loss.

1992 - Graduated from the Pepperdine University majoring in history. 1996 - Kingsley Historical Foundation - Kingsley Collection, Belmont, MA. 2007 - Kingsley's "Lost Los Angeles" project which is operated by the foundation through Pamela Greyson in Venice, CA.




Created 6/2008  


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